Flexible Spending Accounts:

What they are and why they're essential for Small Business Benefits Programs

A flexible spending account is a benefits account that allows small businesses to offer benefits to their employees.

Traditional plans are too expensive and with the BeniPlus Flexible Spending Account, companies have a great opportunity to maintain a benefits plan while saving money and conserving cash.

Studies show that happier employees are more productive which also benefits the bottom line.

Our coverage options include Healthcare Spending Accounts, Wellness Spending Accounts, Personal Insurance, Retirement Savings and Charitable Giving.

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Benefits Starting at $55 Per Employee


How Does It Work?

The BeniPlus Wallet is not your typical insurance, but a flexible spending account. The company chooses the types of benefits and the maximum amount employees can claim each year. Once that's done, your employees get to claim the benefits that suits them best. We help you to reimburse them as they make claims.

Coverage Options Include

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Wellness Spending Accounts
  • Personal Insurance
  • Retirement Savings
  • Charitable Giving

Arif Khimani



"The BeniPlus Wallet has allowed our employees to choose coverage that is both flexible to their needs, but also comprehensive in what it covers – it’s something we are proud to offer to employees and have received a lot of positive feedback on."

Michael Seaman

Trinity Life Church


"The switch to BeniPlus has saved our organization and our employees thousands of dollars by providing us with the flexibility to determine our own insurance needs. And what’s more, BeniPlus has the best customer service of any insurance carrier we’ve encountered!"